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Countless job seekers miss out on opportunities because they dont take the time to read the job description/job advertisement and dont follow the instructions provided on how to apply for the vacancy.

If you are interested in applying for vacancies advertised by Purple Panda, send your CV to future@purplepanda.co.za and quote the unique reference number provided on the job description – Your application will NOT be considered otherwise.

If you are are job seeker that wants to register with us to be considered for future opportunities – Send your CV to jobs@purplepanda.co.za and use your current job title as reference in the subject line.  Also remember to tell us what potential opportunists you would be interested in.

So many candidates just forward their CV with no subject, no description .. nothing.  Some dont even have ANY contact information listed.  How do you expect us to assist you?

We are recruiters not magicians – we cant magically help you to get your dream job if you dont cooperate.