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Referral Program

We’re excited!!

We’ve developed a referral program which includes R3000
for new Candidate and Client referrals


Do you have a friend that is a Candidate or a Client that you believe would benefit from our Recruitment Services?

Refer them to Purple Panda and EARN CASH!!!



Your friend that is a candidate

Know a talented #Unicorn in their field?  We want to know them too!! 
Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who is considering a career move?  Refer them to Purple Panda and give them an advantage in their search!

How it works

  • Visit our Job Search page here
  • Know someone who qualifies and may be a great fit? Ask them to complete our online application.  Complete the block here to the right or drop us an email on future@purplepanda.co.za with your friends name and the position you have referred him/her to.  If we place your friend in this position, you will be rewarded R3000
  • Don’t see an open position, but know of someone who would be great for a Finance, IT or Engineering position? Have them upload their CV here and then pop us an email on future@purplepanda.co.za with their name, their job title and industry.  We’ll contact them for future openings, and if we place them, you’ll be rewarded R3000.

4 + 3 =

Your friend that is a client

Do you know of a potential client who could benefit from our Recruitment services? Refer new business to us and if a new partnership is established, you can earn a referral or R3000.
New business/client referrals are typically Business Executive or leaders, HR Managers, Hiring Managers or Internal Recruiters whom you know personally and who are currently hiring.
If your new client referral becomes a Purple Panda client and hires at least one candidate through us, you will be awarded R3000

7 + 10 =

How it works

  • Complete this block or send us an email on hello@purplepanda.co.za with “referral” in the subject line.
  • You will then receive an email from us with the confidential referral form to complete
  • We’ll contact the client you referred and when a successful partnership has been established and we place a candidate, you’ll be rewarded R3000.


The more you refer the more you EARN!